How to Do the Pillow Method Manifestation? A Full Guide

Looking to add some fun into your manifestation practice? Let me introduce you to one of my favorite manifestation techniques: the pillow method. It is both incredibly easy and fun way to ask the universe what you want and manifest your dreams into reality. This method is great for beginners and experts a like. Let’s dig into it.

What is The Pillow Method?

The pillow method is a popular manifestation technique with roots in popular culture. It works by placing a piece of paper with a dream written on it under the pillow while we sleep. Its main promise is that sleeping with an affirmation tucked under your pillow will align your energy with that of your desired reality in a way that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

So does this method really work, and how do you actually use it?

Does the Pillow Method Work?

While the method is simple, it’s also powerful.

You may already know that to manifest your wish into reality. You first need to make a wish, surrender control, and allow the universe to work its magic to turn it into reality.

This is where the pillow method’s power comes in. First, by keeping the affirmation of your desired reality at the top of your mind until you fall asleep (and then under your pillow), you send a strong signal to the universe about your desired reality. Second, by falling asleep, you will let go completely.

Combined, the powerful signal you send and not being attached to the outcome make the pillow method manifestation technique difficult to replicate while awake.

How Do You Use the Pillow Method?

I love this technique for its simplicity. Here’s how it works:

  1. Write whatever you wish for on a piece of paper.

  2. Then put that piece of paper under your pillow before going to bed.

  3. Once you have snuggled in, try to keep the wish at the top of your mind until you fall asleep.

  4. Repeat every night until your dream finally turns into reality.

Sound easy, right? Follow in depth steps below to get the most out of the pillow method.

Find Clarity If You’re Not Quite Sure What You Want

Sometimes we don’t quite know what we want. At least I don’t. When you think about that thing, do you feel certain about it, without any big doubts? If not, you need to find clarity about what you actually want.

My favorite way to clear my mind is meditation. Set aside time for yourself, find a quiet space, and take a few minutes for deep breaths. Focus on feeling your body, and try to close any external influences outside.

If you would like, you can check out our guide to meditation for further reading.

Write Your Manifestation On a Piece of Paper

Positive Affirmations:
- I am attracting health, wealth and prosperity
- I live in a beautiful
and big house by the sea with my husband and our kids
- Money is flowing to my
bank account easily and constantly
You can write pillow manifestation affirmations in a notebook, a dedicated journal, or a piece of paper.

We should only proceed with writing down our dreams if we are certain about what we want. If you are not 100% sure, take a step back and go one step up in this guide. All done? Let’s get into it.

The most important thing to remember is to write your affirmations in the form of positive statements. For example, if you desire money, you should formulate the affirmation in a positive way. Like “I am getting paid $10,000 this month”. By focusing on positive energy you will attract positive outcomes.

Try to formulate your affirmations in a way that doesn’t delve into negative energy. Don’t write about others being jealous of or anything of that sort. Negative energy will attract negative outcomes.

Another key point is to write your positive affirmations in the present tense. Try to formulate them in a way as if your desires are already realized. Writing affirmations in this way will help root your wishes as your subconscious beliefs, which can enhance the power of your manifestation.

You can write the affirmations on any piece of paper. It can be anything from a dedicated manifestation journal to an old invoice that you don’t need anymore. I recommend starting with just a piece of paper, and only upgrading later on if you feel like it.

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Pillow Method Affirmation Examples

  • “I am attracting health, wealth and prosperity”
  • “I live in a beautiful and big house by the sea with my husband and our kids”
  • “I am healthy physically and mentally”
  • “I have healthy glowing skin and my hair looks fantastic”
  • “I make more than 10,000 $ a month”

Place the Affirmation Under Your Pillow

A notebook with positive affirmations placed under a pillow for manifesting.
Place the affirmations or script under your pillow before sleeping.

If you followed the steps so far, you should now have a piece of paper with a positive affirmation on it reflecting your true desires. The next step is to slide the paper under your pillow and to journey to the dreamland.

There’s no one correct way to place the affirmation paper under your pillow. However, to get the most out of the pillow method, you should try to make sure that you will sleep on top of the paper throughout the night.

What I like to do is to place the manifestation paper inside my pillowcase. This way the paper will not get crumpled as easily, and I will sleep easy knowing that the paper will be under my head from dusk till dawn.

Visualize Your Manifestation Coming True

Once you’ve tucked yourself in the bed, instead of letting your mind drift, try to focus and visualize yourself in the reality you desire.

Imagine what that new reality looks like. Where you are, who are you with, what are you wearing, what the weather is like, what time of the day it is, and so on. The deeper you go with your visualization, the better it will work. Do your best to maintain this state of mind until you will fall asleep. It will help you ensure that your energy stays aligned with that of your dream life through the entire night.

If you use the pillow method for multiple nights, one method that will make your visualization stronger and stronger over time is to continue where you left off the last night. Start with trying to remember all the details from last night, and build on top of them each time.

Fall Asleep Imagining the New Reality

I know that it’s easy for your mind to drift when you are trying to sleep. It happens to me all the time. However, to get the most out of the pillow manifestation method, your desire must be at the top of your mind when you fall asleep.

If you follow the steps outlined above, I guarantee that you will drift off to the dreamland with your new reality as the last thing on your mind.

Here’s a quick recap of all the steps:

  1. Make sure to know what you want

  2. Write the wish on a paper as a positive affirmation

  3. Place the paper in your pillowcase

  4. Go to bed

  5. Visualize your life after the wish has turned into reality

Incorporating Scripting Into The Pillow Method

Manifestation scripting example: 
I love living in a big house by the sea with my husband and our kids. We enjoy doing barbecue on our
backyard on the weekends while our kids are paying in the pool. Our House is beautiful and full of natural sunlight. Every day in our house brings us more happiness and joy.
An example of manifestation scripting.

If you would like to take the pillow method even further, try incorporating scripting into your pillow method manifestation.

Scripting is similar to writing simple positive affirmations, but instead of simple statements, you create entire paragraphs that describe your physical experience of living the life you want. Conceptually, scripting is close to visualization, the difference being that with scripting you go one step further and write your thoughts down.

Scripting works great with the pillow method because you can combine it with visualization. Still remember how we should visualize our new life before sleeping? Try recording your visualization journey on the paper you keep under your pillow each morning. Once you go back to bed in the evening, continue visualizing from where you left off in the script. Keep repeating this cycle to fully immerse your subconscious mind in your dream life.

How Long Should You Keep Doing the Pillow Method?

Hourglasses illustrating the the time spent on manifestation.
Keep doing the manifestation as long as it feels like the right thing to do. However, try not to get clingy.

How long you should use the pillow manifestation technique depends on a few factors.

First of all, it depends on the timeframe you have set to achieve your dream. If your dream is to have a boyfriend in two months, then you should stick to it until the universe makes it happen. Accordingly, if you desire to get married in a year, I recommend that you stick to it for that time.

Second, it depends on the nature of your dream and the variables involved. Sometimes the universe will deliver in a timeframe that is shorter or longer than we first expected. Sometimes life happens, and you can’t find the time to go out for dates to try and meet Prince Charming. In such situations, it’s usually best to stick to the pillow method for some more time.

Ultimately how long you should use the pillow method depends on what feels right for you. If the dream doesn’t turn into reality around the time we wish it would, there usually comes a moment when we get clingy with it. If that happens, you are no longer outcome-independent, and it’s better to give the pillow method at least a short break to reset your mind.

What To Do If The Pillow Method Doesn’t Work?

Don’t lose hope if the pillow method didn’t immediately give you the results you were looking for. As all of us are different, you may just need to have some more patience or adjust your approach.

Here are a few aspects you can refine.

  • Make sure that the affirmation you have written down is clear and specific. If you have previously asked for something vague or the wish has multiple components to it, try formulating it as a single definitive request. Aim for a level that even a goldfish would understand.

  • Ensure that your mind is clear of any limiting beliefs. A telltale sign of them is getting second doubts when you are trying to visualize your new life, but they can also be hidden in your subconscious mind.

    As limiting beliefs often result from negative experiences, a good way to get rid of them is to reflect on any areas in your life where you may not have succeeded before, and then challenge them. Ask yourself if they are based on facts, which is unlikely, or just inside your head.

  • Have a second look at your pillow method technique. Maybe you roll around and the affirmation paper slides away during the night? Or maybe you have a habit of throwing the pillow away during the night, as I sometimes do? What works for some people, is to put the paper under your bedsheet or even the mattress. While the paper will be slightly further away from you with this method, you will be able to maintain a connection to it regardless of how restless your sleep is.

How To Enhance Your Manifestation Practice

Try using manifestation crystals and oils to elevate your practice.

The pillow manifestation method is self-standing. As its power comes from within you, you shouldn’t need any extra equipment to make it work. All you require is a pen, a piece of paper, and a bed. That being said, here are some items that can help amplify the power of your manifestations.


As the saying goes, adding some crystals never hurt anybody. The best way to incorporate crystals into your pillow manifestation practice is to keep them on your bed table. If you don’t have one, placing the crystals under your bed works as well.

It’s best to use crystals that are known to work well for your goal. For love, try Amethyst or Rose Quartz. If it’s money that you desire, give Pyrite or Citrine a go. If you want a new job or a promotion, give Sunstone or Tiger Eye a try.

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Essential Oils

Another aid that can amplify your pillow method manifestation is essential oils. Some of the popular scents such as peppermint and citrus can help with focus. I recommend using an oil that has been specifically designed for use in manifestation practice and that is not too strong to distract you.

I personally like placing a small drop of oil on the affirmation paper before putting it under my pillow. Again, while the pillow manifestation method does not need the oil, I feel like having a slight scent of it around me helps my mind to wander less and focus on the manifestation technique.

What to Do With the Paper After You Are Done?

Practice gratitude after concluding the manifestation.

You should dispose of the paper to complete the pillow method process.

If you would prefer to end with a ceremony, burn the paper to release the energy you put into it and show gratitude to the universe.

It’s also fine to throw the paper away. However, remember to practice gratitude, and try to be respectful and not just shred it into a million pieces.

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