Money Manifestations – 9 Step Guide

Do you want more money? Financial success? A bank account full of dollars? Then you are on the right path.

Today I will share with you a 9-step guide on money manifestations and creating financial abundance.

What Manifestation Really Is

We have all heard about the Law of Attraction and manifesting all your dreams into reality.

But what is manifestation exactly and how does it work? Is it magic? Or hard work? Let me explain and you can decide for yourself.

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a universal law that says your energy attracts similar energy. So if you, for example, have a positive money mindset and you are full of positive energy, then the universe will give you more opportunities in life to have financial abundance than some people with constant negative thoughts and negative beliefs.


Manifestation is the practice of converting your thoughts into reality. To manifest money you need to work with your subconscious mind and take actions as well. Manifestation is not only about spirituality but about changing reality with real methods.

The Law of Attraction and manifestation are closely tied. If you are manifesting money and you want to attract financial prosperity, you need to focus on thinking positively about the money.

Money Manifestation Best Practices

Money manifestations will help you to get financial freedom and overall will make a positive impact on your mindset.

Next, we cover the best practices for manifesting money. You will learn how to get rid of your limiting beliefs, how to make money affirmations, and what actions to take to attract financial abundance.

Step 1. Be Clear About What You Need The Money For

Any manifestation, whether you want to attract money, good health, or the love of your life should start with a clear understanding of what you want.

For example, just thinking that you want to be rich is not clear enough. You need to understand your goals and what you need the money for. After all, money is just a tool to get what you want.

Create a List of Financial Goals

The more goals you have the more opportunities to attract money you get.

So I would recommend creating a list with everything you want to achieve and get.

For example:

  1. New House

  2. Car

  3. Your dream vacation to Bora-Bora

  4. New Wardrobe

Don’t be afraid to write anything you want. The bigger you dream the more money you will get for your dreams. It will be amazing if you write at least 100 different goals so your subconscious mind will start thinking about how to attract enough money to reach all your financial desires.

Step 2. Identify And Get Rid Of Limiting Beliefs

Often the only thing that separates us from more abundance is our limiting beliefs.

There are always thousands of thoughts in our heads like maybe I am not smart enough to attract wealth, my education will not let me be financially free, my family is poor so I am also gonna be poor, etc. And most of the time these beliefs are not our own but they come to us from the world of other people.

Such a negative mindset will not lead you to great wealth or financial success. You need to transform these limiting beliefs into positive statements. How to do so? I will tell you!

  1. Identify your limiting beliefs and where they come from, and write them down in your notebook.

  2. For example: “I am not smart enough to be rich”- my father told me so.

  3. Understand that this belief is not yours.

  4. Then, on the opposite side of the paper write a new belief.

  5. For example: “My financial situation does not depend on my intelligence. Money flows to me anyway.”- I have decided so.

Do the same with all your beliefs and you will get rid of the limitations in your head that stand in the way of manifesting money.

Step 3. Practice Gratitude

Write your affirmations as if the money was already yours. Use present tense and focus on the positive to turn your goals into reality.

One of the most effective methods of manifestation is to express gratitude.

Being grateful for what you already have will bring you to a positive mindset and positive thinking. As a result of this, the Law of Attraction will lead you to anything you want in this life.

Make it your new habit to do gratitude practice daily. For example, you can write what you are grateful for in your notebook or the notes on your phone every day. You will start feeling blessed for everything you have in your life and this boost of positive energy will make you a real money magnet.

Step 4. Act As If You Are Wealthy

If you want to manifest money then you need to align your energy level with the energy level of wealth and abundance.

You can do this by acting and feeling as if you already have a lot of money. People with money do not compromise on quality. Don’t be afraid to visit high-end stores. It can be very beneficial to try luxury garments and feel the atmosphere of abundance around you. if you want to have money then you need to really think about your surroundings and the quality around you.

However, spend money wisely. It is better to get one expensive item instead of 10 cheap ones. People with money do not compromise on quality.

Surround Yourself With Abundance

Abundance can be not only in the form of money but also people you communicate with. Try to get to know people with a positive money mindset, and be around someone who wants to make money over spending time on video games and social media.

Step 5. Believe That Money Is A Good Thing

Attracting money is not possible if you have a limiting belief that says money is a bad thing.

Some of our biggest fears are related to money which can be connected to poor financial education. Sometimes we subconsciously do not want to have a lot of money because our parents told us that only gangsters or robbers have a lot of money and good people are humble and don’t need any wealth.

I hope you understand that this is not true and money can help us with many things and there are plenty of good people with money who do charity work and try to help our environment.

Again, to manifest money or anything else you should have a positive mindset to help the Law of Attraction to make it come to your life.

Step 6. Write Money Affirmations

Manifesting money through positive affirmations is an amazing method.

You can create your personal money affirmations and read them every day. They can be related to receiving money in your account or buying things you desire. More is better.

When it comes to writing, the most important detail is to write your affirmations in the present tense as if they are already happening to you.

Examples of Money Manifestation Affirmations

“I love money and money loves me”

“I am attracting money easily and effortlessly”

“I achieve all my financial goals every month”

“My income exceeds all my expectations this year”

“I am getting more money every day than I can spend”

“I am receiving money from different and unexpected sources”

“Money flows to me easily”

“I am creating a beautiful, wealthy, and abundant life with the help of money”

I recommend writing and reading these money affirmations every day. This way your subconscious mind will think that having money is a normal state for you.

Step 7. Write yourself a Check or Keep Money In Your Pocket

You can manifest money with the help of money itself. By simply putting 100 dollar note in your wallet you can feel that money is easily available and accessible. Every time you see these notes of money you can feel more wealthy.

Another method is to write yourself a check for a large sum. Once you do this you will see how you will feel about having a big amount of money. Maybe you feel like spending it all and won’t be ready for it yet. This is a good thing to realize early on, so you can work on your energy and raise your vibrations to the frequency of big money.

Read an article on how to raise your vibrations.

Step 8. Visualize Your Financial Goals

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools in manifestation.

You can manifest money, personal growth, and any other things you want with visualization. For this, you only need to imagine all the details of how is it to have money, abundance, and wealth.

You need to imagine yourself in that situation when you already met all your financial goals. Focus on how you feel and what you do in these circumstances. Do you feel blessed or more powerful than before? Do you see yourself in that dream car of yours? What color is the cabin? Are you alone in there or maybe you have family around you? Imagine it all! With the smallest details.

Vision Board

A vision board works as a reminder for our brain to see what we want and where we need to give our attention and focus.

Manifesting more money and more wealth is easier with a vision board because when you create your own board you will visualize yourself in there clearer.

To make a vision board you just need a piece of paper and pictures of what you desire. You can take pictures from Pinterest or magazines, whatever is more convenient for you, and put all of them on a piece of paper.

To make your vision board more personal, you can put a picture of yourself in a window of your dream house. By doing this, your brain will see this picture as something normal for you and will work on how to get more money to make it happen.

Step 9. Take Actions

Now I will tell you the biggest secret of manifestation. Are you ready?

You can achieve anything you desire and all the money you want with one method and it is taking action towards your dreams. More money, wealth, and abundance will come to your life if you are ready to do something.

Don’t be scared and think that money manifestation will require difficult actions.

The main thing is to stay positive and be open to all opportunities that come your way. If someone is telling you that they saw an amazing job offer online, do not hesitate to apply for it. Or if you see an opportunity to do extra work for an extra payment, go for it.

Sometimes opportunities can come from unexpected sources and you need to focus to see them. Don’t be afraid to try new ways to bring money into your life. It can be fun and rewarding.

Do Money Manifestations Work?

If you read this article carefully you may have come to the conclusion that manifesting money is not something unreal. Manifestation consists of a set of tools and methods to help you on your journey to achieve anything you want in life. Using them will bring a lot of positive changes into your life and these changes will lead you to live a better life. Sometimes, the outcome of our manifestation is beyond and above all expectations.

I know that you will get everything you want. All the money, wealth, power, and abundance will come to you. You deserve it!


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