Manifest Through Meditation – The Ultimate Guide

Looking to give your positive affirmations a boost? Adding meditation to your manifesting toolbox can help you to take it to next level. In this article I cover some powerful meditation techniques and explain how to use them to manifest your heart’s deepest desires.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a relaxed but mindful practice to reach your inner peace, clear your mind, and bring you to the present moment. Meditation helps you to get rid of negative thoughts and gives a higher vibrational frequency for your body.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation process is based on the law of attraction. The law of attraction says that like attracts like. By concentrating our mind on a positive outcome we can attract what we want in life. We should only manifest positive energy, positive thoughts, and positive feelings.

If you are new to manifestation, check out the best books on manifestation for beginners.

How to Meditate to Manifest

Choose a time and place

The first step is to choose a time and place where you will be free of noise and any other distractions.

It can be your bedroom or a peaceful park – you decide. The most important thing is to have some quiet place and time for you.

Set a timer

Set yourself a particular time for the meditation practice.

Meditation practices can take your subconscious mind far away and you will not feel the time. Around 10-15 minutes should be enough for the first time.

Of course, it can be longer if you want and if have time.

Find a comfortable position for meditating

Meditation under a sky full of stars.
The lotus pose works, but there are plenty of alternative poses for those seeking comfort.

Meditation cannot be successful without a good and comfortable sitting position.

Usually, people who practice manifestation meditation use the Lotus position for it. It is a cross-legged pose from ancient India, in which each foot is placed on the opposite thigh or leg. In my opinion, it can be a little tough for the beginner, and simple sitting on a chair pose will be more conformable.

Whatever the pose, it’s important to keep a straight back and your feet flat on the ground or the floor to ensure a good flow of energy


Give yourself a minute or two to meditate and get rid of all intrusive thoughts and worries. Breathe.

Woman holding a candle in her hands.
You can even set up a scented candle or two.

Have your eyes closed and your mind’s eye opened. Inhale and exhale through the nose. Relax all parts of your body from head to toe. Feel the atmosphere around you.

If your mind starts to wander around you can bring yourself back to deep meditation breathing (long deep inhale and exhale).

Focus on what you want

In the meditating state your mind is at peace and your body is relaxed. This will help you to see deeper to your soul and bring your real intentions to the surface.

Think of what you really want. Take your time. It is not a race.


At this point, you can start manifesting by visualizing your dreams.

Allow yourself to visualize and imagine as if your dreams came already true. What do you feel? Maybe gratitude? Power? Do you like your new reality? Feel it, love it, have it now!

Manifestation meditation is a powerful way to tell the universe your dreams. It is linked to the Law of attraction. If you want to achieve your desires you have to imagine as if you already have it all. In a meditative state of mind, our energy levels are very high and we are capable of resonating with the energies of our desires.

Recite positive affirmations

When you are deep in the manifestation meditation and already can imagine your perfect life and you are full positive emotions it’s time for affirmations.

Make sure that you are pronouncing all the details of your desires and telling this all in present tense. These are very important details.

For example:

“I am flying only in First and Business class to the best resorts all over the world”

“My partner loves giving me red roses every week”

“I am making 50 thousand dollars every month easily”

“I am surrounded by successful people”.

Let go

Once you are ready to let the universe know about your intention to attract abundance in all means you can release the energy (I literally imagine it as a big ball of shining energy) to the universe.

What Can You Manifest?

You can manifest absolutely everything in this world.

You can wish for overall well being, dream job, new possibilities, a beautiful house, a new car, new surroundings, etc. Literally, anything you want in life.

A list of dreams for manifestation.

Whatever you wish for, it’s important to remember core principles of law of attraction. Focus on the positive and you can get anything you want in life.

Guided Manifestation Meditation

If you feel like that taking the first steps on your manifestation meditations path feels like a struggle, guided meditation will help you get started.

I really like to have a guide in meditation practices myself because it is easier and will save your time.

Here is our 5 minute guided manifestation meditation to get you going:

Final Thoughts

I would really recommend you to give manifestation meditation a try.

It is truly powerful tool to change your reality for a better one. It will take only few steps to make it part of your daily routine but the impact will be beyond your expectations.

Meditation once changed my life and I’m sure it will also change yours.

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