How to Manifest In a Journal

In this article I will share something that changed my life. Something that made me believe in myself. A tool that has made so many of my dreams come true. Let’s discuss manifestation journaling.

What is Manifestation Journal?

Manifestation journal is one of the most powerful tools in manifesting your dream life.

It is a manifestation technique in which you write down everything that you want to achieve in life.

The purpose of manifestation journals is to help you turn your dreams into reality by understanding what you really want.

How to Make a Manifest Journal

I want to share some helpful techniques I have used over the years.

By implementing these practices in my own manifestation journal, my manifestation process has transformed into a powerful tool beyond my expectations.

1. Notebook

Notebook alongside candles and crystals for manifesting.

Get yourself a notebook that will bring you joy when you will look at it, when you will hold it in your hands, and when you will write down your dreams in it while drinking your morning coffee.

The notebook should speak to you and bring you good energy every day so pick it with care and love.

2. Gratitude List

Any manifestation practice should start with gratitude. Gratitude for your life and everything you have in it.

The law of attraction states that like energies attract like energies. When you express gratitude for the life you have the universe will give you more and vice versa.

Being grateful will also help your subconscious mind to bring on more positive thoughts and beliefs and in turn the law of attraction will bring on more positive energy to your life.

The most important thing is to write a gratitude journal list every time you open your manifestation journal.

Write down all the good things which happened to you that day. Focus on good things that are happening in the present moment and your real life will turn into your dream life.

Writing a gratitude list will also help you to be a positive person and raise your self esteem. You will definitely see more good things in your life than before.

3. Goals

Wall full of notes notes, each expressing dreams and goals.

Make a list of your goals. It can be long term goals or something you would like to achieve soon.

Goals should be clear and bold. Try to get rid of your limiting beliefs and negative thoughts while writing down your goals. Remember that this is your manifestation journal and we are making your dream life a reality… so only positive thoughts and positive mindset.

Take your time. Try to realize and stay focused on what really matters to you. Manifestation journey is not a race… it is only about you. Move at your own pace.

4. Affirmations

Practice positive affirmations.

Writing positive affirmations daily is a very powerful manifestation technique and also one of my favourites.

I remember doing it all the time and reading these affirmations hundreds of times. There is no such thing as too much of affirmations.

The key is to write your affirmations in a present tense as if you already have all the things you want.

Here are some manifestation examples:

“I am in a healthy and happy relationship with a partner who loves me more and more every day”

“I am making 50 thousand dollars every month easily”.

“I am achieving every goal from my list one by one every day”.

“My well being is better than it has ever been”

Read it daily. By manifesting these words. Take it to your subconscious. Believe in it and will give you incredible personal growth.

I think that this is an excellent exercise which will lead you to positive results as it did with me.


Woman lost in her daydreams.

Meditate bore starting with your manifestation journal. It will help you to clear your mind, be closer to your higher self and as a result you will hear your true intentions and desires from within.

In my case manifestation journaling works better, if I practice meditation on a daily basis.

End with gratitude

I truly believe that the universe gives more to the people who are grateful for what they have. Those whose intentions and desires are clear and positive.

The finishing touch in writing a manifestation journal is gratitude to your life. It’s like a circle because we start with appreciation and we might as well finish with the same.

To make sure that you will not end up with a blank page in your journal, I would love to share one of my favorite manifestation methods.

It’s called the 33*3.

333 manifestation method

A page of a manifestation journal full of colour.

The 33*3 manifesting method requires you to write a certain wish 33 times 3 days in a row. By doing that you will align the energy of your vibration to the vibrations of your desires and dreams.

Manifestation journal example:

“I am getting an offer for my future dream job”.

Write your wish in the manifestation journal 33 times for 3 days and see what will happen.

The point of this manifestation method is to plant a seed in your subconscious and make it believe that this is already happening and there is no way back.

You are forming your very own manifestation journal reality and not the other way around.

Make Time In Your Routine

The easiest way to make sure that journaling will happen is to schedule it. In the modern world we have many things like social media that take our attention, focus, and time.

To make sure that we commit to journaling it will be better if you make special time in your routine for manifesting. It can be mornings before work or quiet evenings after we finish with all other agendas – you decide.

No matter how you do it, it’s important to include manifesting to your everyday routine.

Do Manifestation Journals Work?

The answer is simple and it is yes.

Manifestation journal works. It has been changing lives of thousands of people around the world.

The real question that you need to ask is… am I ready to get what I want in this life? Am I ready for my world to change and for my future to be brighter? Do I want it all?

If the answer is yes… manifestation journal will definitely work.

How Long Does It Take To Manifest Using A Manifestation Journal?

It depends on your determination. Like in any other field of our life.

The law of attraction will not keep you waiting long if the universe sees that your intention is real and you are not ready to give up on your desires.

How to Start a Manifestation Journal?

Set of tools for manifesting

The best way to start a manifestation journal is to take immediate action and start writing your manifestation journal. Right after you finish this article.

Seriously, our future depends only on us. If by writing and journaling we can make our lives better, then we should do it.

If you will follow the steps set out in this article, your life will eventually change. This would make me incredibly happy.

Manifestation Journal Examples – How To Manifest

Manifestations should be done in present tense and as precisely as possible. For example, if you want a new car, then you should write the exact model, color, and equipment you want.

Manifestation journal example:

“I am driving my brand new red Ferrari SF90 Stradale with full options. It has just been washed, the road is free of traffic, and I’m quite enjoying it”

“I am enjoying my stay at the Four Seasons resort in Maldives”

“I am grateful for every new day of my life and becoming the best version of myself “

Final Thoughts

I hope that the content of this article will benefit you as much as it has benefited me.

Writing a manifestation journal helps you make changes. The most important thing is to build a journaling practice. After that, you only need to believe and stay positive.

Positive energy is the key.

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