How to Manifest A Dream House: Easy 7 Step Guide

Looking for a boost to help you get into your dream house? Follow this guide to learn how to manifest the perfect home and turn your dreams into reality.

Manifesting a Dream Home

Whether you want to manifest a house or anything else, you will need to start with the basics.

The manifestation process is based on the Law of Attraction which says that like energy attracts like energy. Having positive energy will increase your chances of achieving any of your heart’s deepest desires. Remember this simple rule, and The Law of Attraction will help you on your journey to your dream life.

In this article, I will introduce you to the most powerful manifestation tools so you can manifest your dream home and live the life you want.

1. Have a Clear Vision of Your Dream House

The number one rule in manifesting your dream home or any other things that you want is to first understand what you want.

For example, when you think about your amazing home, what do you see? Is it a big house with a pool and a backyard? or it is a cozy apartment in the city center?

Will you own it? Or rent it? Or maybe someone will gift it to you? Or do you want to build your dream house from the ground up?

Try also to think about where your dream home will be located. In which country? On what kind of a street? Do you see all your family living there or only you? Picture this all in your head. All these details matter.

Once you have a clear vision of what you want, follow the steps below to manifest your dream house, and the universe will start presenting you with opportunities.

2. Recognize Your Limiting Beliefs Around Having A Property

Most of the time the only thing which stands between us and our dream life is our limiting beliefs. It can be common limiting beliefs or something more personal. We need to identify them and change them to positive statements instead.

When we are talking about having or owning property we can think of many things like “it is too expensive”, “it is too big of a commitment”, or “I don’t deserve to live in the property of my dreams”.

All of these beliefs are causing possible manifestation blocks for your subconscious mind. Of course, if you do not believe that you can live in your dream house then the Universe cannot let it happen too.

How to Turn Limiting Beliefs Into Positive Statements

So after we identified our limiting beliefs we have to understand where they come from. Usually, 95% of them are not our own and come from other people.

You need to write all of your limiting beliefs that are connected to your dream house and next to them, you need to write where they came from.

Example – Identifying Limiting Beliefs

“I do not have enough money to live in my dream house” – my parents told me because this is what they believed for themselves.

“It is too expensive to buy my dream property” – heard from the news that the housing market is booming.

“I don’t deserve to own a dream apartment” – my ex told me after we broke up.

So at this point, you will come to an understanding that all of these negative thoughts and beliefs are not truly yours, they were invented in your mind through different people or social media and you can get rid of them and create your own positive beliefs.

But how to do so? After you are done writing your limiting beliefs you have to write positive affirmations right opposite or on a new page.

Example – Writing Positive Statements

“I make a lot of money to have a beautiful home”

“My dream property is waiting and the price is suitable for me”

“I deserve to live in my dream apartment with ideal living space”

From that moment this is your new belief and you can read it from time to time along with positive affirmations (we will talk about it in the next chapter). This way your subconscious mind will adapt to your new reality and the Law of Attraction will help you manifest your dream house sooner than you think.

3. Use Positive Affirmations To Manifest a House

Positive affirmation: "I love to cook breakfasts in my dream kitchen in my new house"

According to the Law of Attraction, positive thoughts and a positive mindset will lead to your most desired outcome.

So to manifest the house of your dreams, you need to increase positive energy and align it towards this goal. One of the best ways to do this is by writing and reading affirmations.

Positive affirmations are truly a powerful manifestation method to achieve anything including a dream home.

How to Create Dream Home Affirmations?

You should write affirmations in your notebook in the present tense and include all the details about your dream house.

Here are some examples to help you create your very own affirmations to manifest a house.

Examples of Affirmations for Manifesting Your Dream Home

“I enjoy living in my dream home every day more and more”

“I love to cook breakfasts in my dream kitchen of my new house”

“I am enjoying reading in the big yard of my perfect house under the big trees”

The manifesting power of affirmations is really impressive. I would recommend reading your affirmations every day and adding some new affirmations from time to time.

4. Trust The Process

And of course, I cannot skip such an important point as trust.

Let’s be honest, The manifestation process is easier when you have trust in what the universe is about to give you.

To manifest the right house you need to truly believe in the power of the universe because the universe is always on our side and ready to give everything we want. But sometimes we lose our hope and trust right before our dreams are about to turn into reality.

Have faith, trust the universe, stay positive, and the Law of Attraction will help you manifest the house you desire.

5. Take Action

Whether you manifest your dream home or other things, it’s more likely that you will get what you want if you also take action.

Sitting still in your apartment will not help you to manifest a house.

What Do I Mean By Taking Action?

In manifesting your dream home even small actions will help if you do it with a positive mindset.

For instance, you can start browsing your dream home on the real estate market. Or you can start saving money if you already know the price of your dream property.

You will start attracting positive experiences once you start moving toward your dream. Maybe you will suddenly get an invitation for a property viewing and this beautiful house will cost less money than you thought.

6. Use Visualization

Vision Board of my Dream House

Visualization is my favorite manifesting technique. It will help you to manifest your dream home or anything else you wish for.

There are two parts to visualizing. The first thing to do is to visualize in your head and the second is to make a vision board.

Visualizing in Your Head

This part is all about the power of your imagination. You should imagine living in your ideal house and feel it with every inch of your body.

You can visualize living in your dream home and imagine every small detail of it such as how many rooms there, what is your front door looks like, and how you will spend time in your cozy bedroom.

Vision Board

After you have created the mental picture of your dream home you can create a vision board that will include pictures or details about your living space.

You can print out pictures of the perfect house that you want and you can place a picture of yourself in this space. You can also place pictures of the furniture you want to have in your dream home or electronics like a TV or nice speakers.

The reason for doing this is that the vision board will every day remind you of your manifestation journey. The manifestation process works better when you can see what you are working for and where are you heading. Whenever you see your board, you will get a spike of motivation to keep working towards your dream house.

Having a vision board will help you to concentrate your attention on what really matters.

7. Express Gratitude

Gratitude: "I am grateful for having a space to live in"

The power of positivity will help you to manifest your dream home. An important aspect of positivity is to practice gratitude. Feeling grateful for what you already have will accelerate your positive emotions and send a lot of positive energy to the universe. Because of this, gratitude plays a key role in the manifestation process

A great way to practice gratitude is to write in a gratitude journal. Writing in a journal is an amazing manifestation practice that will help you not only manifest a house but to understand the value of the things you have in your life.

When it comes to writing, it’s best to use the present tense and focus on genuinely positive thoughts instead of negative language. Write in your journal every day and you will see how your life will start to change for the better.

Examples – Practicing Gratitude

“I am grateful for my living space”

“I am grateful for having a space to live in”

“I am grateful for the people around me”

Does Manifesting A House Work?

Manifesting your dream home is definitely not the easiest task, but it is possible. Because of this, to live in your dream house, it is better to use all the attraction techniques we have talked about in this article.

To manifest your dream home, you need to stay in a positive mindset and believe that you deserve to live in your dream house.

Remember the Law of Attraction, and refocus from negative energy and negative thoughts to positive ones. If you do this, the world together with the universe will help you get your dream home.

Check and Change Your Energy

Big dreams require a lot of energy and high vibrations.

To manifest your dream home you will need to have a big reserve of vital energies and vibrate on the same frequencies as your dream home.

The most important part of it is to stay away from negative energy and negative thoughts as they drain your energy levels. Try to attract positive thoughts and experiences, surround yourself with positive people and positive energy, and you will vibrate on the same frequencies as your dream house.

There is so much more to changing your energy to manifest your perfect house that we cannot cover it all here. But we do have a full guide on this topic which you can check out here.

Final Thoughts

We have to believe that we can have something that we desire. Sometimes your dream house is just an arm’s length away and you just do not believe enough to reach it.

Manifesting helped me with many of my dreams and goals and none of it wouldn’t have happened without having faith. I hope this blog post will help other people manifest a house, unlock the beautiful world of manifestation, and achieve anything they want.

Happy manifesting! Your future self and dream home are waiting for you. Just go for it!


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