How to Use the Law of Detachment: Love, Career, and Other Goals

The Law of Detachment is controversial. How come that in order to achieve your goals, you should stop trying to do so? Is this practice truly the key that will help you achieve your dreams and desires, as they claim, or it it just a fad? Well, we are about to find out.

What is the Law of Detachment?

The universe has infinite possibilities and ways to give us what we want. But sometimes we get obsessed with some particular idea and fixate our mind on only how we get there.

The law of detachment is simply a method of manifestation where in order to achieve anything you desire, you should not have any expectations about the outcome. In other words, to get what we want, we should let go of the illusion of control over turning our dreams into reality.

While the law of detachment tells us to live in the moment, it does not command to give up on your dreams and to not keep moving towards your desires. It says to be in the present, to put your anxiety aside, and to enjoy the ride to what you really want.

The Law of Attraction VS. the Law of Detachment

Many people have asked me if these two laws are against each other. Well, it is actually quite the opposite. They work hand in hand in the world of manifestation.

The Law of attraction says that like energy attracts like energies so we should be in a positive state of mind in order to attract anything we want. According to the law of detachment, to attract the outcome we want, we should not be obsessing about the outcome we want but spend our time on spreading positive energy.

Applying law of detachment helps you stay positive and to not obsess about the outcome, which enhances the power of law of attraction.

How to Practice the Law of Detachment

1. Acknowledge your wishes but let go of outcomes
2. Embrace uncertainty with an open-mind
3. Accept life's boundless possibilities
A step-by-step guide to applying law of detachment.

The main point of Law of Detachment is to let go of any expectations about any particular outcome. Both by yourself and the others around you.

To illustrate this in action, let’s go through a few areas in life where an attachment to a certain goal could work against you.

Love and Relationships

We all tend to imagine ourselves in a wedding gown when we just went on a first date with some person. This may lead us to funny situations where we are too persistent with our new partners and scare them away. While our intentions may have been good, does it make sense to overthink and try to control the future? Wouldn’t it better to feel the joy of being in the moment?

Do not expect anything from others, and just focus on becoming a better person yourself. Many relationships start when we let go, and give some space for the magic to happen. The universe can bring you to peace and happiness when you the least expect it to happen.

For further reading on manifesting someone, check out this article on how to manifest a boyfriend.

Work and Career

Sometimes when we are trying to get a new job, and it doesn’t happen instantly, we get so obsessed with whatever we did (or didn’t do) that we start doubting ourselves. Like for example, am I good enough for this job? Do I really deserve the salary I asked? Am I gonna actually meet the requirements?

Applying the law of attraction to such a situation, by assuming that you are not worth it, you simply block the possibilities for something good to happen with these negative emotions.

If you are looking for a job, applying the wisdom of the law of detachment to the situation, it would be better to focus on your good sides, and to forget about the outcome you want. Give some space for the universe to create the right path for you.

Other Goals

The Law of detachment works in the same way with any other goals and dreams that you want to manifest. Try to shift your focus away from controlling the outcome, surrender your obsession with any particular results, and let the universe guide you to where you want to be.

I know that this can be a scary approach to begin with, but as soon as you realize that it works, you will know how to manifest anything in this life. Ultimately, you will have the freedom to be whoever you want to be.

Why Is It So Hard to Let Go?

The answer to this question is that our minds are programmed to be this way. They are obsessed with getting us to wherever we desire to be. Because of this, it can be very difficult to let go of our goals, create new habits, and to break the patterns that we already have.

In order to change direction of our thinking, we should build new neural pathways. It’s not the easiest thing to do, and it will take at least a month for our brain to start processing our new way of thinking, and to start accepting the changes in our behavior.

If you are struggling to detach at first, do not worry. Personal growth is a long, but interesting journey.

When to Use the Law of Detachment?

Hourglass illustrating the passing of time.
Don’t wait until you’re desperate. The best time for detachment from an outcome is now.

Some people say that we should use the law of detachment in the time when we are desperate. In my opinion, this is BS, and the right time is now. Wherever you are in our life, and whatever you want achieve… there is only one moment in time that is guaranteed to happen, and it is now.

Don’t wait until the circumstances will force you to look for answers. Claim the power of the universe, and distance yourself from the outcomes you want. If you apply the law of detachment, the universe is bound to reward you.

Final Thoughts

If you detach from the outcome, you will be in a better position to manifest your dreams into reality. Based on my experience, whenever people try this, they only regret of not doing it earlier.

Also, when we put our pasts behind and do not obsess with what is next, we spend less time worrying about the future, and enjoy the current moment more.


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