Creating Crystal Grids: A Step-by-Step Guide

Crystal grids are powerful tools for manifesting your dreams and desires. The power of crystal grids comes from the combination of the stones you choose to use, their sacred geometry, and the intention you have. Read on to learn how to make a crystal grid.

What Geometric Shape To Use?

There is no universal geometric pattern for all.

It is better to trust your intuition in this question and feel which pattern speaks to you.

Of course, if you are only at the start of your crystal grid journey, you can use a popular crystal grid pattern like the Flower of Life pattern.

We will talk more about different sacred geometric patterns later in this article, but for now, let’s focus on how to make your crystal grid and turn all your dreams into reality with the energy of natural elements surrounding crystals.

What Stones to Use

In choosing your crystals, the main thing to consider is your intention. You should choose the crystals depending on what you want to achieve. Check out this article on different types of stones to use for manifestation.

Let’s start with reviewing the top crystals for the center crystal. In your grid, this will be the crystal for your main intention surrounded with other stones to support its power.

Clear Quartz (Energy Amplification)

Clear quartz is an amazing center stone as it is an amplifier crystal. It will radiate whatever energy you will give to it. This is a great crystal to help you manifest any desire you have.

But you need to be careful and use it only with positive energy and positive intentions. You cannot use clear quartz to hurt anyone or to wish negativity for someone. In this case, the stone will hurt you instead.

So be careful with your intention and desired outcome.

Rose Quartz (Unconditional Love)

Rose Quartz is the best center stone for love and one of the most powerful crystals for manifestation. It will help you to open your heart chakra, bring up your feminine energy, and help you reconnect with different types of relationships, whether it is in your family or your love life.

The rose quartz is also known as one of the healing crystals.

Amethyst (Spiritual Growth)

Amethyst, also known as the Third Eye, is a beautiful crystal for the center stone.

This purple crystal will help you connect to your spirituality through the crown chakra which is responsible for our connection with the universe.

How to Make Crystal Grid: 7 steps

Let’s jump into how to make your own grid.

We will have 7 simple steps to help you fully understand how to make a crystal grid.

1. Choose the Intention

The starting point in manifestation is to be clear on what you want and to have clear intentions.

I would recommend meditating to put all negative energies aside and to let your energy flow freely through your body and mind.

It will help you to understand what your true heart desires and your crystal grid will work better for you.

2. Prepare the Space

Ideally, you should place your crystal grids in a place that is special to you.

If you don’t have any particular spot in mind, any solid surface will work. It can be a table, floor, or dresser.

It’s best to have a small space that you will not use for another purpose as the crystal grid can be in the same area for up to one week time.

3. Choose Crystals

Choosing crystals is a very personal matter and only you can know which crystals to use.

Take your time in choosing a focus stone or a center stone as it will be your main crystal.

Your intuition will help you to choose the appropriate crystals for you.

For example, you may think that you want to be more wealthy but for some reason, your heart is telling you to go after the pink quartz then it will be better to listen to your heart.

Sometimes we get what we want through unexpected sources and maybe the wealth that you want will come to you only after finding the unconditional love to yourself or someone else.

4. Cleanse Your Crystals

Crystals often pull a lot of negative energy into them and it is better to clean them before each different manifestation and ritual.

If you want to make it fast then just wash your crystals with salted water. But the proper way is to keep the stones in a jar of salt for one to two days. After this your crystals’ energy will be more radiant and your crystal grid will work for you at full strength.

5. Placing the Center Stone

Usually, the center stone is the biggest one because it will resonate with your intention. You must place it in the middle of your crystal grid.

If you want you can write your specific intention on the paper and place it under your main stone.

From this center stone, you will grow your other stones in a symmetrical pattern of your crystal grid.

6. Place the Supporting Crystals

You should usually have 3-4 other crystals to support your focus crystal.

If you are a beginner, you can you crystal grid cloth under the stones to follow traditional grid patterns.

Or you can create your own geometric patterns. For example, you can make your crystal grid in the form of a circle, square, star, or even a spiral.

The most important thing is to place your chosen crystals in a balanced way. Put them symmetrically so the surrounding stones will provide a harmonious flow of energy.

7. Set Your Intention To The Crystal Grid

After placing all stones it is time to make the crystal grid work on your intention.

In general, I recommend making crystal grids on a full moon or a new moon as in these times the overall energy you can channel into them is higher than on other days.

When you place your specific crystals in your grid, you should fill it with your desire or intention. To do so, touch your central stone and start telling your intention out loud or inside your head. Some people may prefer written intention and nothing is wrong with it. If this is your preference, you can write it on a paper and place it under your center crystal.

You can repeat this ritual 3 times on the same day.

Maintaining Your Grid

After completing these seven steps, the crystal grid will start to work on your intention.

You should maintain your grid space carefully and not move your crystals from their place until you feel that the crystals gave all their energy away on your intention.

How Long Crystal Grids Should Stay In The Same Place?

It can be from 2 days to a few months and it all depends on your feeling of the energy that resonates from the crystals.

I would say that once you see that the crystal grid started to convert your intention into reality then it is time to remove the crystal grid.

Don’t forget to cleanse your stones after that as they will retain old energy from your intentions.

Popular Crystal Grid Patterns and Sacred Geometry

As I promised before, let’s talk about sacred geometry and popular patterns for effective crystal grids.

Sacred geometry is considered an ancient science that explores and explains the energy patterns that create and unify all things. It reveals the precise way that the energy of creation organizes itself. All nature around us and our own bodies are based on sacred geometry.

Some patterns in sacred geometry are believed to open infinite possibilities and manifest anything you desire. These include the Hexagon pattern, Flower of Life, and Metatron’s cube. Let’s review them and you can make your own decision on which of them you may use in your crystal grid.

The Hexagon Pattern

This pattern is one of the strongest ones. The hexagon shape is a symbol of strength, protection, and the balancing of opposing forces.

Hexagonal crystal grids are used for protection and cleansing properties. You can use it to make a healing crystal grid.

The Flower of Life

The flower of life symbolizes cosmic order and radiates harmony and perfection. This pattern in your crystal grid will help you to have more energy and can bring positive changes.

This pattern will be good to make an abundance grid with your crystals.

The Metatron’s cube

According to sacred geometry, this shape represents the blueprint of creation. It symbolizes balance and harmony, illustrating how all life is connected.

It can replace negative thoughts with positive ones. It can bring you to spiritual growth and spiritual transformation if you use it in your crystal grids.

Final Thoughts

The crystal grids are a very powerful tool in manifestation and you can achieve many of your desires if you will follow the steps that I gave you today.

Try to make your own crystal grid and feel its power on you. I am sure you will be thankful you did later.

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