How To Ask The Universe For Money or Something Else (5 Simple Steps)

You have seen the influencers achieve Oprah level success by manifesting, but how did they do this? Does it really have to be such a mysterious ritual? In this guide, we give you a step-by-step guide to how to ask the universe for something. 

Is There a Correct Way to Ask the Universe for Something?

No. You can wish for anything you desire and the universe will listen. The universe is connected to your life through cosmic energy. It is already aware of what is going on in your life. It knows your dreams, wishes, fears, and feelings.

Now, what might be the magic formula for making a wish? Should you speak it out loud? Should you write it down? Should you dance it out? Absolutely. The answer is that there is no only one right way to connect to higher power.

But hold on a minute! If you’re thinking, ‘Why am I reading this article about manifesting if it’s as simple as doing the Manifestation Macarena?’ Well, we’ve noticed something you won’t want to ignore.

The answer is that there is no only one right way to connect to higher power.

You need to remove your limiting beliefs and negative energy to realize your desires. This easy-to-follow 5-step guidance helps you take supportive action to do just that.

Step 1 – Be Sure, Be Precise

The first step to right path is to be 100% sure about what you want and why.

Most people say things like that they want to be “rich”, “a new job”, or to “manifest a boyfriend“. This can be too vague. It’s like asking for food but not saying what kind.

To make our wishes clear to the Universe, we need to be specific about what we want. This way, what we get is more likely to match our desires.

How to Ask the Universe for Money

What does it mean to “be rich” for you? Is it enough money not to worry about paying the bills? To buy a new car? To retire?

A vision board focused on financial aspirations and abundance, featuring a collage of images related to wealth.

If your request is general so will the answer from the universe be. You should focus on what really matters to you.

If it feels like a difficult step to visualize the desire in your mind, methods like a vision board or meditation can help you.

You could also start a manifestation journal.

Step 2 – Have a Clear intent

I know exactly what I desire. How do we make sure that the request reaches the universe? How do we manifest things?

The process of connecting with the universe is simple. In reality, you need to take intentional action and make it happen.

What Does It Mean to Ask the Universe for Something?

Thinking about your wish is enough. You could also say it out loud. Or write it down on a post-it note… or do the Manifestation Macarena.

Why Is Manifestation so Popular?

Writing the wish down may be a good idea. This is because keeping the desire at the top of your mind can help you realize it.

If you forget about it, the universe may sense that the importance of the wish is not that important to you.

Step 3 – Ask And Let It Go

Okay, we have shot the request to the stars. Then what?

Get on with your day. Seriously.

It helps to keep the request at the top of your mind but don’t get obsessed with it. Obsessing will fill your mind with negative and whimsical thoughts, which can confuse the universe about the importance of the manifest.


Is the Universe Listening?

Don’t worry, the universe is always listening. You as a person and the universe are connected through cosmic energy.

If you take intentional action to manifest, the request will reach the intended recipient. Have faith and magic will happen.

Vast expanse of space featuring stars, galaxies, and celestial bodies, depicting the universe.

Trust That The Universe Knows Best

We don’t always know what’s the best for us. While we may wish for a new job, this may not be the thing that is best for us. Maybe there are better opportunities available down the line.

The universe knows you better than you do. It’s aware of the opportunities that lie ahead. Trust that it will do the the thing that’s right for you.

Be Patient and Trust in the Universe’s Plan

Depending on what you expect to receive, it may take a day or two or year for your wish to realize. Getting frustrated or angry serves no other purpose than undermining your request by filling your mind with negative thoughts.

Practice Spiritual Surrender

Having hard time going with the flow and trusting that the universe takes the right path? Try practicing spiritual surrender.

  1. Try to forget what you think you need

  2. Have gratitude for what you already have in life

  3. Remember that obstacles are only detours

  4. Surrender to your faith and believe that the universe acts in your best interest

  5. Remember to enjoy the journey

Repeating this process daily will give you comfort and relief.

Step 4 – Watch For Signs

While you let universe to do its thing to make make your dreams come true, you should not forget to watch out for important signs around you.

Here are some tips how to recognize and make most out of signs you get from the universe.

A burst of radiant light piercing through the enveloping darkness, symbolizing a sign from the universe.

How Does the Universe Give You Signs?

The laws of universe work in a curious way.

The universe can whisper to your ears through your friends, through billboards on the streets and pages of magazines.

For example, a specific person could tell you about amazing job vacancy that they saw on LinkedIn, and you will understand that you wished for an opportunity like that for a long time now! Bingo! this is the universe sending you a sign to act! Gather your energy and make it happen!

Look Out For Signs

Remember how in previous step we were talking not to be obsessed. It’s the same with watching for signs.

Do not overthink or look for guidance from the universe in every corner. The signs will come to you and not the other way around.

What to do When you Receive a Clear Sign

When you do get a sign from the universe, have belief in yourself.

Do not underestimate yourself and take action. The universe is grateful when people make most of the opportunities they are given.

In case you were offered a dream job.. do not wait until someone else grabs it. Have faith in yourself that you are worthy of it and start acting. The universe will support you in your life.

The power of your thoughts is really strong and the law of attraction will work for you and your desires.

Don’t Try to Control the Signs the Universe Sends

Asking the universe is all about letting good things happen to you, in allowing the universe be the fairy dust that makes your dreams come true. Trying to control the universe prevents the magic from happening.

Your personal growth depends on whether you will let go of the reins and allow the universe to give you what you deserve.

You are the passenger on this cosmic ride. You ask, and the universe responds. You need to fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the journey.

A contemplative woman with a thought bubble above her head, filled with vivid images representing her dreams and aspirations.
When you ask the universe for something, it’s important that you let go of the outcome and let the universe handle it.

Step 5 – Send Reminders Now And Again

Keeping the wish clear in your mind helps you connect better with the universe. Repeating your wishes and desires every now and then will strengthen them further. This increases your chances of getting a positive response.

Ask the universe once and then ask the universe again. Reminding yourself and the universe about the things that you want helps you become more comfortable with your dreams. Like you already have it.

Practice self love. By being grateful for the things that you already have in your life, the universe will give you even more.

Key Insights for Successful Manifestation

We can ask the universe for anything. This doesn’t mean that we can force its way. The universe is always listening. It will always do what’s best for us.

All we need is to have a little faith and go with the flow.

Here is a recap of the steps to ask the universe for something:

  • You can ask the universe for anything

  • Be precise in formulating your request

  • Take intentional action to feel connected to greater power

  • Be patient, don’t start obsessing if there is no immediate response

  • Keep your unconscious mind clear of negative thoughts

  • Watch for signs

  • Once your dream comes true, be grateful

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