60 Positive Abundance Affirmations to Transform Your Life

Feeling like you could use some new positive affirmations to help align your mind with the universe? Been there, and I feel you. Here are some great affirmations to help you attract exactly what you want.

Powerful Abundance Affirmations for Money, Success, and Prosperity

Money Affirmations

Abundance affirmations for money.
Money affirmations are not just about getting rich. Smart spending and gratitude for what we already have are also import. 

1. I am a money magnet

2. All of my financial endeavors are successful.

3. I always find new and unexpected ways to make more money.

4. My natural state is financial abundance.

5. I am financially free

6. Every effort increases my wealth

7. Money loves me and I love money

8. I make enough money for everyone who depends on me

9. My income grows constantly

10. I always meet my money goals

11. New opportunities to make money come to me all the time

12. I deserve all the wealth

13. I am rich and have more than enough money

14. I am great at making money

15. My financial situation is safe and secure

16. I only make good financial decisions

17. Every dollar I invest returns to me multiplied

18. I have a healthy relationship with money

19. I am better in attracting money than anyone else

20. I will make money in my sleep

Prosperity Affirmations

Abundance affirmations for prosperity.
You can use prosperity affirmations for anything from meaningful relationships to personal fulfillment.

1. I find prosperity everywhere I go

2. Every day brings me more abundant life and more prosperity

3. Every sunrise opens me new doors.

4. I live an abundant life

5. Every experience in my life brings me more prosperity

6. I prosper in all areas of my life

7. Every moment brings me closer to a better life

8. I attract opportunities to create abundance

9. When I spread prosperity around me, it returns tenfold

10. I deserve a life filled with prosperity

11. My positive attitude and positive energy attract abundance

12. I love my daily routine and life

13. The universe and I co-create limitless possibilities

14. All my actions lead to greater success

15. My life is a testament to greatness

16. Prosperity and abundance are my birthrights

17. My happiness is growing abundantly

18. My financial prosperity, health, and relationships are abundant

19. The universe is prosperous.

20. I embody the limitless abundance of universe

Success Affirmations

Abundance affirmations for success.
Success affirmations shouldn’t focus only on the results. Also the lessons we learn along the way matter. 

1. I am successful

2. I achieve my goals easily and effortlessly

3. I am on the way to greatness

4. my family is proud of my achievements

5. I deserve to be successful

6. I get better every day

7. My hard work pays off

8. My persistance leads to success

9. I am expert in my field

10. Other people love me because of my success

11. Every challenge is an opportunity for growth

12. I can achieve my dreams

13. Success flows into my life

14. I achieve more every day

15. I am surrounded by other successful people

16. I am an inspiration to others

17. Being successful is in my nature

18. Every setback makes me stronger

19. My actions lead to success

20. My success is inevitable

How to Use Abundance Affirmations

The law of attraction states that like energies are attract similar energies. In turn, for you to attract wealth and prosperity, your mind needs to have positive thoughts about wealth and prosperity.

How to turn on the abundance mindset?

  1. Make sure you don’t have any limiting beliefs or negative thoughts. In our experience, when it comes to abundance, the most common problem is having a scarcity mindset. Your subconscious mind needs to be open to receiving.

  2. Put the positive statements at the top of your mind. Prosperous thoughts create wealth and attract money. You can write your abundance affirmations in a manifesting journal (if you don’t have one yet, any notebook will do), create a vision board, or meditate.

When it comes to manifestation methods only your imagination is the limit. Some methods work for some people and other methods work for other people. There is no right way or wrong way to use these affirmations.

How to Create Your Own Affirmations for Abundance

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

No worries. This framework is a great tool for creating your own affirmations:

Manifesting abundance affirmations in a journal.
Writing your abundance affirmations in a manifestation journal can amplify their power. 
  1. Base your affirmations on what’s really important to you. Want to to be financially secure? Focus on your financial goals. Want to be more comfortable in your own skin at the new job? Focus on confidence and success.

  2. Keep your affirmations positive. Remember law of attraction? We should focus on positive thinking. Framing your affirmations in a negative way (such as “everyone is jealous of my success”) will not attract abundance.

  3. Write your affirmations in the present tense. As if you already had it.

    1. Good example: “I have everything I need”.

    2. Bad example: “I will receive unexpected money” (this should be written as “I receive unexpected money”)


Using positive affirmations will influence your mindset and help give your manifestation practice a boost.

You can use one of our 60 affirmations for money, success and prosperity above, or create your own.

For optimal results, you should repeat the affirmations consistently in your daily life. Keeping your dreams at the top of your mind will align your energy with the energy of abundance. Repetition will also signal to the universe that you truly believe in the affirmations and are worthy of the wealth life offers.

The most important thing is to take action. Abundance flows to those who choose happiness and put in the effort.

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